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City School of MotorCycling Price Guide

Thank you for visiting our prices web-page. We do hope that you have looked at the rest of our site, as price comparisons are only meaningful when you consider that:

The prices shown below are for standard courses, if you are unsure which course is for you please book a free assessment lesson.

Course Using our motorcycle
CBT (Renewal)** 160.00
CBT Novice (Day and a half) 170.00
3.5 Day full licnce DAS (CBT held)*** approx 22 hrs 775.00
4.0 Day full licence A2/ DAS (CBT held) approx 28 hours POA
4.5 Day full licence A2/ DAS(CBT held) approx 31 hours 875.00*
Enhanced rider assessment 50.00
Theory test 23.00
Resit Day inc mod 2 test 160.00
Resit half day Mod 1 test 50.00

All full licence courses include one mod1 and one mod2 practical test, and bike hire.

Prices effective as of 01.03.2022.

* Reduction for using your own bike is 30.00 per day, however you should remember that your bike must be taxed and insured to participate. Note that A2 and direct access courses start on 125cc bikes before progressing to larger bikes so two different bikes are used on the course.

** For riders who are renewing a CBT after 2 years, riders must have ridden since their last CBT and the old CBT must have expired no more than 3 months before the course.

*** The Three and a half day course is all on the 700cc bike and is only suitable for experienced riders who have extensive experience riding their own motorcycle since CBT. For 2019 we are introducing a 4 day course with the first morning on a 125cc before moving up to te 700cc in the afternoon.

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