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Calor Gas Sales

We are now able to sell calor gas in a range of popular sizes suitable for home and caravan use, as well as patio gas for barbeques.

New Prices from 10.09.2018

Calor issued a new price card on 06.11.2017, so from 13.03.2018 the following prices apply. Please note that the 6kg lite is discontinued and we can no longer order this, and that the 13kg Patio Gas is also being phased out.

Small Butane Medium Butane Large Butane
Butane 4.5kg 18.50Butane7kg 25.25Butane 15kg 40.50
Small Propane Medium Propane Large Propane
Propane 3.9kg 17.25Propane 6kg 22.85Propane 13kg 30.50

New prices from 10th Sept include VAT (5%) and apply when you return an empty Calor cylinder. Where new customers have no empty cylinder the Calor "Refill agreement charge" of 39.99 inc VAT (effectively a deposit) will also apply.

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